Sunday, April 1, 2012

NEW - Tutorial of Acrylic Childrens flower painting using fabric and wire!

Well I thought I would give you all another look at at how I do another one of my flower paintings using fabric and wire to create a 3d look - a canvas that would look cute on a wall in your little girls room.  I did this one in blue/teal colours (not the traditional pinky/girly colours) that you often may find in a little girls bedroom!  Its nice to paint something a little different in colours - you won't find many flowers in these colours!!

Supplies:  (Check out my previous tutorial from the other week).  Fabric of your choice, fine gold wire, wire cutters.
 sorry about this blurry picture - but make your petals from the fine wire and then shape them how you want them to look.  You need to make 5 petals for each flower.

Next glue the wire onto the right side of the fabric (I used tiger grip). Then cut around each petal leaving a couple of millimetres like the one below.

Next prepare the canvas (like in the previous tutorial) using the texture paste and the fine tooth comb.

Next paint the canvas with  green paint.  (I used an Olive colour green).  I also used a white paint over the top to give the canvas a white washed look.
Next glue on your petals and also the centre wire.

I used a thick gold wire and would it up like this to put into the centre of the flower.

Glue it all together so that it looks like this.

Next, paint on the grass and the flower stems.

I used the olive green

Then used a diferent green to make it stand out more.

Next, I added the other flowers in contrasting colours with the flabric.

I added the gold paint around the outside of each painted 'flower' and gave them little spikes.

(they look like little suns!)

Talking about the sun - I also painted one on the left hand side to add some interest to the canvas....

and lastly I made a dragonfly using contrasting patterns and similier colours.

And here is the finished product!
You can purchase this canvas ($65) at
Bloomin' Mad Flowers - Tuggeranong ACT.
Please send in your pictures if you give this tutorial or my other one, a go!  I would love to see your results!!

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