Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Believe in Possibilities.....

Watercolours and Ink on watercolour paper.....
Today I was in one of those moods....I had tidied up the studio so that it looks spotless and sooooo organised as I am running a workshop tomorrow night and wanted it to look good.  I wanted to create, but didnt want to make any mess (like using stencils and lots of paint), so I whipped out my watercolours and had a play around and made this one.  It will be available in prints A4 and A3 size and in 10 x 7 inch cards.  I really need to get my act together and list them all on Etsy but Im just finding the time to do it!!  Im thinking I might also do some photoshopping and even change the centre writing into other inspirational wording (or simply Happy Birthday or the like if anyone is interested).  Please email me at juliemryder01@gmail.com if you are interested in any of my paintings or creations.  I also do commission works as well :)

Here is the same illustration but I have photoshopped some different wording and font to "You Are My Sunshine"....

NEW!! Two birdies and a nest......

 Good evening everyone.  I just realised that I didn't post this latest one I painted the other week!  Its very similar to another one I did a few weeks ago, but slightly different (mainly the two birdies and only 3 eggs instead of six, and oh, the little ladybeetle!).  I think they would look lovely together in the same room maybe, on different walls.  They would definitely brighten ANY walls up!! This one is also 16 x 20 inch and I have used acrylic paint, fabric, beads, paper and pastel pencils.  If you are interested in purchasing please contact me on juliemryder01@gmail.com

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NEW!! 'Birds nest'....

Good evening all,
This latest mixed media piece I created was quite a few stages in the making!!  I had many layers of acrylic paint, lots of playing with the paint, using an old out of date credit card on one layer (lots of fun!), stencils on another layer, then I painted with a brush the leaves and flowers then all the flowers made of paper and fabric and strips of paper for the nest on the last layer!  Phew!  There was quite a few hours in this one even though its not really a very large piece.  It measures 16 x 20 inch and is on canvas.  Im contemplating making a much larger piece doing some similar but adding a couple of birds and more fabric and paper flowers.  I just really love working with all the bright colours and using all the different mediums to get the 3 dimensional effect.  The black makes the colours pop I think also.  I don't often use a lot of black in my artwork, but I love it with lots of colour!

 I used acrylic paint, pastels, paper, beads and fabric.  I hand made the fabric flowers and the paper flowers myself.  I also made some of my own papers from handprinted watercolour paper using acrylic paint and then I cut them out in to flower shapes.

You can also purchase these items and more in my society6 shop!!  To see these and more designs you can find them here at  http://society6.com/julieryder

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


For those that don't realise, I do all kinds of commission pieces for people!  Some are replica's of work Ive already painted, and they may have wanted it in a larger size or in different colours.  Some are works that have more meaning to them such as this one of a mother with her young daughter.  This commission piece was inspired from another piece I did a couple of years ago.  The original words came from a story book (sorry I cannot remember the book title!).   The original commission was smaller and in different colours but very similar in nature.  If you are interested in having a painting made for you, please contact me via email juliemryder01@gmail.com

Above:  This commission piece is mixed media on canvas.  I have used acrylic paint, paper, pastel, ink, buttons and glitter glue.

BELOW:  The original commission piece I made in 2013.

Monday, March 9, 2015

"Dreams of Faraway Places..." New Mixed Media!

Im getting addicted these kinds of mixed media paintings I think!!  I love to look for beautiful fabrics and papers and beads to make the  'flowers' that go on the canvas!  This one I have made as an exact demo model for my new up and coming 'Cascading Garden' workshop next month.  I wanted to find the exact colours/fabrics/beads etc just right for the students to make their own in the workshop.  So just so you know, this is basically what you will be making right down to the beads/fabrics/papers  etc when you do this workshop.  I think down the track I will do different colour combo's as I tend to get sick of the same thing.  Unfortunately the photo's really don't show all the lovely metallic paint and glitter and sparkle that you see on it in the flesh.  Even the beads in the aqua coloured fabric flowers are a glittery colour and so so pretty!!  If you would like to participate in one of my workshops, please email me on juliemryder01@gmail.com.  This one is a 2 part workshop. Cheers Julie :)

Title: 'Dreams of Faraway Places...". 30 x 60cm Mixed Media on Canvas

Above: It does not show on the photo but the butterflies have a lovely sparkle!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New!! Cascading Garden Workshop....

Good Afternoon all....

I know we are into March already, and I must apologise for not offering new workshops earlier!!  Ive just had a crazy start to the year with so much going on!!  But nevertheless I have got a new workshop happening if you are interested at all!  It will be a two part workshop, simply because we will not be able to complete it in my usual 3 hour workshop.  There is a lot involved, with mainly painting in the first workshop and cutting paper/fabric, sewing and gluing in the second workshop.  It will be a lot of fun though!  So if you can get an instant group of four, please contact me via email at juliemryder01@gmail.com and we can book a date for your groups workshop!  Both workshops will run for 3 hours at $90.00 each (total $180).

Below is a demo canvas I did for the workshop so I could programme exactly what, how, when etc details of how the workshop was going to run!  You will be able to see this one in my studio.