Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tutorial for Cute Canvas painting "Just Hangin' around"....

I thought I would do another tutorial of another one of my children's canvas paintings in the series "Just hangin' around....".  I sold one the other day in Pauline's flower studio "Bloomin' Mad Flowers", in Tuggeranong, ACT - and because I enjoyed making that one, I thought I would do a couple more but in completely different colours...vintage style - blue's, red, corals.
Materials Needed:  Canvas, paint, small pegs, fabric, cardboard, rhinestones/buttons, ribbons...
Firstly, paint your canvas - I used an olive green, then a wash of white over the top to give a weathered type of finish.  Put aside to dry.

Once dry, paint on the 'grass' and the 'clothesline'.

Now the fun part! I have skipped a few steps with photo', but you'll get the idea!
1. Design 3 types of 'dresses'. Cut out.
2.  Cover them in the coordinating fabric of your choice.
3.  Embellish them in your choice of ribbons/buttons/rhinestones. 

Now, attach mini 'pegs', and then turn over and stick on small double sided foam to give the 3d effect.
Put aside.

Next, paint on your coordinating coloured flowers.

Attach/glue on your 'dresses' onto the 'clothesline'.
(I also added a couple of small green ladybugs!)

Dragonfly one.  I used the same fabric as in the dresses.  Added some rhinestones.

I painted a smaller dragonfly next, instead of using fabric and attached some rhinestones.

And voila!!  The finished product.  I aslo seal them with a varnish too.
Hope you like it!
You can buy this at:
Bloomin' Mad Flowers - Anketell st
Tuggeranong, ACT.

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