Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cute Gerbera Box Arrangement Tutorial.....

Thought I would post a tutorial of a simple, but cute gerbera box arrangement that Pauline from "Bloomin' Mad Flowers" made today.  For those of you who like to try your hand at flower arranging - keep your eyes out for more flower arrangement tutorials....

You will need: Scissors, Container, Decorative container, Floral Oasis, Gerberas, Wire, Greenery of your choice, half dozen gerbera's.

Step One:  I chose a funky hessian bag from a supplier, and a container to hold my oasis.

Step Two:  Cut up piece of oasis to fit inside your waterproof container.

Step Three:  Place container with oasis in it inside hessian bag (or decorative container of your choice),

Step Four:  Now comes the fun part!  Cut your greenery (We chose rafus palm and spear grass) to cover base of oasis.

Step Five:  Add spear grass, and loop some of the spear grass.  Then add your flowers.
(We wired our gerbera's first).  Place flowers at different levels).

Finished Product!!

Well hope you like the finished product!!  You can buy this and lots of other gorgeous arrangements, paintings and gifts at:
Bloomin' Mad Flowers - Anketell Street, Tuggeranong, ACT.
Ph: 261622906

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