Monday, December 22, 2014

Now on Tsu.....

Hi everyone
Due to Facebook not showing our posts unless you pay to promote your business, a LOT of us have gone over to other networking sites.  Many have now joined Tsu....Its fab and very much like what Facebook used to be like but with a few differences.  You can earn money from liking, sharing, commenting etc (although it is minimal - but hey, people have been able to earn some dollars) and it has a really positive and supportive feel to it.  So please feel free to come on over, (I will still be on Facebook - click HERE)  but am finding that Tsu is getting SOOOO much traffic, as EVERYONE sees your posts, so my Facebook page feels like its dying a slow death.  Please feel free to join up using my link -   I would REALLY appreciate it.

Hope you like my latest watercolour/ink/paper  mixed media on paper 'Lilac Tree'....will be offering A4 size prints of it in 2015 :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Website Details.....

Hi Everyone
Just wanted to post some info regarding my art website on those of you who don't know,  I am also on Facebook (where I sell quite a bit of my art), but Facebook is changing their rules, trying to get people to pay to promote their businesses......So.....I have felt the need to update my website, so that you not only can see the type of work I do, but now, you will know what artwork is currently available for sale (in my Jerrabomberra studio).  I post Australia wide and internationally.  The website is still a bit of a work in progress, with lots more artworks to add, but what is currently on their for sale, all have prices but just not all have sizes....yet!  Getting there though!!  Eventually you will be able to order straight from my website, but until I figure out how that is done, you can send me a message via the website or send me an email. I also love for people to contact me direct if you live locally if they would like to come by and browse the studio in person. Click on here to go straight to my website!  Don't forget, that I can do commission work, (more than likely too late now for Christmas!), and I also run workshops too.  I do have an Etsy shop, but I find that nothing much happens on there as it so competative these days, so I only have minimal stuff on there.
Happy browsing
Julie :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

'Buds in Bloom'....

Hi everyone
Ive completed this bright and colourful mixed media piece, and I have to say, that it looks more delish in the flesh than it does in the photo!!  The photo really does not do the colour and texture of the painting any justice!!  I have used acrylic paints, glitter glue, paper and wire.  Some of the 'flowers' have been machine sewn on paper then hand cut.  I love working with different mediums and then incorporating them into a painting!  I also love working with these citrus colours of watermelons, limes, lemons and oranges.   I hope you enjoy this one :)

'Buds in Bloom'

Mixed Media on Canvas with 3d embellishments
30 x 20 inch (76 x 51cm)

Below you can kind of see the glitter and sheen of the glitter glue and metallic paint.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tiny and Mini Canvas.....

So with Christmas coming up, we have Christmas parties right??  And we also sometimes have to do the Secret Santa thing also right?  So, I thought, why not make something instead of trying to buy something this year.  It would be original and Im sure people would appreciate it more.  So I trotted off to the shops and bought some mini and tiny canvas' that come with matching little easels.  They are so cute!!  Not too intrusive if you don't wont large artworks, but something sweet to sit on a shelf.
Tiny Canvas:  These little cuties measure 8x6cm and they have my flower meadows on them.  Aren't they sweet!!
Above and Below: Mini canvas - These sweet ones are 11 x 11cm!

They have glitter and metallic paint on them to give sparkle and sheen!!

Below is a short little video of me making them....not very exciting but thought you might like a look!  Sorry about the end bit with my hubby yelling out! Just ignore that! LOL

Bloom Where You Are Planted....

Morning everyone
I created this pretty one yesterday, and I have used a favourite colour combo of mine with the purples, blues, mauve and aqua.  I love creating these, as I feel they are uplifting with their little quotes or sayings.  'Bloom Where You Are Planted'.....No matter where you are, how you got there, be the best person you can be and do the best that you can.....something to remember - not always easy to do though.
30 x 45cm
Mixed media on canvas
Acrylic paint, paper, glitter glue

Please contact me if you would like to purchace :)
I take Paypal and direct deposit. :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Latest commission piece

Afternoon everyone!!  
Well Im as pleased as punch that my client who ordered this piece was very happy with it!!  I am just loving the colours myself, and it makes me feel very happy when I look at it!!  Its been made on an 18 x 24 inch canvas, using acrylic paint, paper, beads and glitter.  Hope you like it too!!  Remember, if you would like your own commission piece done, please contact me on and we can have a chat!
By for now!
Julie xx

Above:  You can see how the metallic paint and the glitter gives a nice sheen, shimmer and sparkle!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My soul is made of meadow flowers...

Afternoon all....Ive had a burst of creativeness this week after finishing off my commission pieces.  I think that often comes from painting under 'controlled' circumstances or painting something you might not normally paint due to what the client wants.  Often I find myself thinking while Im painting the commission piece of all the things I could be painting!!  Anyway, this is an adaption of the Hummingbird painting I painted a  while ago.  Its mixed media (acrylic, paper, glitter and metallic paint) on canvas measuring 16 x 20 inches.  Price is $160.00

You are my sunshine....

 'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey....'
That song has been in my head for a couple of days and this is the result of it!!  I have been feeling quite inspired by some beautiful quotes Ive been reading on Pinterest, and it has given me some new ideas for some mixed media work.
This one measures 12 x 12 inches and I have used acrylic paint, paper, buttons and glitter.  $65.00

Monday, November 24, 2014

Inspirational Mixed Media on Canvas

Ive been busy these last few days,  creating some inspirational mixed media on canvas works.  Ive got quite a few ideas still to come for more works.  These are all 12 x 12 inch each.

Above: "Love you to the moon..."   $60.00

Above:  "She wore flowers in her hair..."  $65.00

Above and Below: "You are so loved"....$65.00

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Spring Delight"..... New works!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!
This mixed media painting is titled "Spring Delight' and measures 30 x 20 inch (76 x 51cm).  I have used mediums such as acrylic paint, paper, glitter glue and wire.  The flowers were made from stencilling and painting on watercolour paper.  I then machine sewed and cut them into flowers.  The flowers give the painting a 3d effect, which is what I love creating in my paintings the most!  In the centre of the flowers are a fine, coloured wire that has been curled and bent into itself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of this painting, and will certainly be painting something similar again in the future.  Maybe possibly in in a 3 or 4 colour combo like aqua/greens/mauves purples or something?  Will see!  Price of painting is $230.00.  Please contact me on if you are interested in purchasing this one :)

Below:  In the next 3 photo's I have added the painting into different settings so that you can see how it looks within different colour schemes.  It is not to scale in any of them though.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Splashes of Colour"....New work!!

Welcome everyone! 

 I have been having some fun with these new pieces, using LOTS of colour, and painting some of my favourite!!  I have used acrylic paints, paper and glitter glue on them.  If you would like to purchase one of these, or have one made for you (in the same theme but same or different size) please send me a message or email me on
They would look great as a series on a wall, or on their own!!

"Splashes of Colour"....New flowers in a vase series...
12 x 12 inch mixed media on canvas.
$65.00 each

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canola Fields...Acrylics on canvas.

Good evening everyone
Here is another Flower Meadow I have done titled "Canola Fields".  I was inspired by the beautiful canola fields we passed on our way home on holidays a few weeks ago.  The gorgeous yellows were stunning and really stuck in my mind!  I have used acrylics and glitter glue on canvas.  The canvas measures 2 x 36 inches.

A photograph doesn't really show up the glitter or the metallic paint unfortunately! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Blessed"...Flower meadow

Finished!!  This was such a joy to make....ALL those beautiful colours.  Makes me feel great inside when I see this one....hence the title 'Blessed', which is how I feel :)
Acrylics/glitter/metallic paint on 24 x 36 inch Canvas
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New work!

Hi everyone....I have been hit with a burst of creativeness and I wanted to show you the work in progress on both of my canvas paintings.  Ive tried to loosen up a little bit with my work to create a more ethereal, whimsical feel to my flower meadow landscapes.  Not sure if I have achieved that so much, but I enjoyed the process immensely which is the aim of my art for me anyway.  I am going to try and work on larger canvas' from now on.  These two works in progress are both 24 x 36 inch and I think I will go bigger again for my next two pieces.  Im hoping to sell some of my smaller works next week end in the Queanbeyan Arts Trail which I am participating in on Sunday 26th October.  Feel free to come by my studio - Im open from 10 - 4pm that day.  Or of course you can jump on the bus ($25 fee) or do the self- guided tour that goes around Canberra/Queanbeyan.  I think there are 3 of us in Jerrabomberra this time!  Well stay tuned for updates on these two - Ive done more since Ive taken these photo's but lighting is poor, so you will have to wait till they are finished!
Above:  Getting the paint on the canvas!

Above:  Pretty pretty flowers!

Above:  New colour for more pink in sight!  More neutrals this time.....Inspired by the Canola fields we passed in the car the other weekend.  They were gorgeous!!

Above:  Throwing some more paint on!

Above:  Going dotty!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

'Starry Night'...mixed media on canvas.....

Here is another mixed media Houses one I finished off today....Its titled "Starry Night", and measures 102cm x 40.5cm.  I have used acrylic paints, paper, glitter, impasto, pastels, ink, buttons, on the base I have used newspaper and old dressmaking patterns!!  These are fun to make and I hope you like it!  This one is priced at $195.  Please contact me on if you are interested in purchasing it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crazy hair using bits and bobs!!

Good evening all.  Well this has got to be one of my favourites at the moment!!  I just love this technique of using all the junk, bits and bobs and making them beautiful.  Even better that she sold before I had finished her!!  She was made on a 12 x 16 inch canvas, and besides using a myriad of junk and what not (everything from nuts, bolts, hair clips, beads, bottle tops, rope and so on) I used acrylic paint, inks, pastels, paper and glitter.  I love how this felt to make and how it looks so creative.  I combined a couple different techniques of my girl mixed media paintings (click here for a look) and my other 'junk' type mixed media (there is no real name for it! (Click here for link) I supposed inspired by Finnabair.  Anyways, she sold today, which I am glad, and Im going to make another one, but with possibly a different eye colour????  Will wait and see!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Dream....Framed!

So what do you think?  Here is "Summer Dream" mixed media on canvas paper - Framed!!  It is in an A3 size frame, but I can email it unframed for you (for cheaper postage costs!).  I have used impasto paste, ink, papers, acrylic paints, pastels and inks.  Please email me on if you would like to purchase it unframed at $75 plus postage :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dinosaur Art!!

Welcome everyone!
Here is a creation I have made for my gorgeous nephew Reuben, for his 2nd birthday coming up in October!  Please contact me if you would like to have me commission one for you!
Mixed media on canvas with 3d effect.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

NEW!! Beautiful wildlife!!

Good Afternoon everyone.  Thought I would post this one I completed the other day.  I have titled it 'Las Aves' - Which means 'The Birds' in Spanish!  A lovely liker of mine on Facebook suggested it, and I thought that it suited it quite well.  This one is painted on a plywood panel that measures 29 x 119cm.   $250.00

Above: Side view

Above: Closeup of top half of painting

Above:  Closeup of bottom half of painting.