Monday, April 2, 2012

Finished Canvas'!

Well for those who are reading these blogs - hope you bear with me, I am still new to all of this blogging stuff!  The main thing I am trying to achieve with this blog is to give myself another way for people to see and have an understanding of the passion I have for painting using mixed mediums!   And hopefully sell a few along the way!!!  Ideally I would have a really cool website where you could buy all my stuff online, but I just havent gotten that far!
So for those who saw the two paintings I posted a  couple of weeks ago?? (or might have been a few days ago - I am seriously losing track of time!) - I have finally finished them!  Hope you like them.
Check out these paintings and more at:
Bloomin' Mad Flowers191-203 Anketell St, Greenway, ACT 2900 Phone: 61622906
You can buy this at:
Bloomin' Mad Flowers 191-203 Anketell St, Greenway, ACT 2900

You can buy this at
 Bloomin' Mad Flowers 191-203 Anketell St, Greenway, ACT 2900

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