Monday, July 30, 2012

Flower meadows....

SOLD  this 60 x 50cm Acylic paint on canvas today just not long after finishing it!!  It also has pink glitter glue circled around some of the 'flowers' that when on the right angle gives a lovely sparkly look!  If anyone would like one similier to this or any of my other canvas painting (and mixed media canvas), just contact me for sizes/prices etc

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Birdies....

Another cute  mixed media canvas that I painted today.  The main colours are reds, blue/aqua and lemon.  I used acrylic paint, ink, pink glitter glue, paper, pastel pencils and texture paste.  This one is 10x 12inch, and $40.00 if you would like to purchase.  Please email/text me for an order.

Whats on my easel at the moment....Flower meadows...

Good Afternoon peoples!  I have had a lovely afternoon painting while the kids have been up the road at their friends place, and the hubby away for the day with some mates dirt bike riding!  So I was able to crank the music up in my art studio and paint to my hearts content!!  Here is what I have been working on - Flower Meadows - it is acrylic paints on canvas, and I have also used some pink glitter glue, which I think tops it off nicely (although hard to tell in this picture).

Close up angle shot:- Not sure if you can see the pink glitter glue around some of the flowers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Good Afternoon all - I've been having a bit of a slow day today (I think it may be due to the weather?) and I have been avoiding finishing of a larger painting that I am in the middle of doing (inspired by the fantastic artist, Yvonne Coomber - I love, love her work!).  However, I am just feeling so tired at the moment and even though I actually like how it is panning out, I just wasn't so enthused to actually finish it off.  So in my avoidance of that I ended up just painting a little 10 x 12 mixed media canvas, which I think is quite cute.

I used acrylics, paper, glitter glue,  ink, texture paste and pastel pencils.  It was a quick little one that I enjoyed doing but was all I had in me to do today.  

I like her sparkly crown!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I ordered Flora Bowleys book 'Brave Intuitive Painting', and it came in the mail today.  I am soo excited to do one of her inspired paintings.  I'll have to get a large square painting, which will be good to work on for a change, as I have been doing lots of little canvas' lately.  It will be great to just 'Let go  and be bold', with colours (which I have no problem doing) but have been wanting to try her 'style' for a while.  I will paste pics when I finish!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Purples and greens....I have the travelling bug...

Another one! Another favourite combo - greens and purples mixed media canvas.
10 x 10 inch canvas - ink, paper, acrylic paint, pastels.  $45.00

I just love Pink and Green....Have wheels....will travel!

Howdy all - Here's another mini caravan...I think I am getting a little addicted!  Love these cute caravans, but I might do a VW combi next!!

10 x 10 inch canvas $45.00  Mixed Media - paper, acrylic paint, pastels, ink.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the road again.....

Gooood afternooon!!! Its been a spendid day over here, and I've had a wonderful day painting and being crafty!!  I am soo thankful and blessed that I am able to do so!!  This mixed media She Art inspired canvas was inspired by my lovely caravaning friend Meg and her family!!
I have used acrylic paints, paper, ink, buttons, texture paste and pastel pencils.  Hope you like it and it brightens your day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fathers Day Gift....

This cute mixed media canvas was done as a special gift for a dad to go in his little girls room, for Fathers Day! Don't forget that I can do custom orders for that special someone, or simply for you!  Just contact me via phone or email to discuss your personal requirements.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloom where your planted!

Good afternoon all - I literally whipped up this mixed media canvas in a couple (or maybe a little more!!) of hours today.  The idea was to not overthink what I was going to do and just let the creativity flow! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though I felt in such a frenzy as I was doing it!!
Hope you like it..