Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Birdies and Buntings...

Ive been busy making some Birdies and Buntings for my up and coming workshop on the 5th of March.  I always like to have a couple for people to see in the flesh, but I keep selling these ones!  Can't complain about that!  These are both 10 x 12 inch mixed media on canvas (acrylic paint, paper, glitter and ink on canvas).  They can be purchased at $40.00 each.  Have a great night!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Marie Antoinette…..mixed media on canvas...

Afternoon all
Its funny how sometimes I can start a painting, and the end product is NOTHING like I intended it to be.  This painting inspired by Suzi Blue, was one of those such times.  This painting has many many layers, from newspaper, to texture paste and fully layered in tissue paper….my intentions were not clear when I started out on this canvas thats for sure.  I was after something romantic, pretty and texturised.  I think, to date, this one is one of my favourites.  At one stage, I gessoed the whole thing, splattered paint on it, than after letting dry, hated it, and almost, almost just chucked the whole thing in the bin!  But, here is when sometimes just putting it aside, leaving it alone, letting it rest, can sometimes be a very good thing!  I have a little obsession with 'face' paintings at the moment, and I was flicking through Suzi Blues book when it struck me… so here is the final piece!  It measures 60 x 90cm and is quite heavy with all the layers!  I have used acrylic paints, glitter, paper, fabric, beads, texture paste, newspaper, pastels, tissue paper and fabric rosettes.

Above you can see the texture and also the glimmer of the metallic gold paint and glitter.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Personalised Canvas wall art for Boys and Girls…..

Good morning!  I will now be painting personalised paintings like the one pictured for boys or girls with any theme you like!  They have a 3d feel (in this one the letters have been raised), but I can tailor them to suit what you would like.  This one is 12 x 16 inch and is on canvas.  Price is $80.00

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birdies and Buntings…..

Well on this wet and miserable looking day (actually its nice to have a cool day and some rain!) I thought I would create another Birdie and Bunting mixed media creation for my up and coming workshop on the 5th March!  Ive used colours of purples, greens and aqua with paper, acrylic paint, glitter,  ink and pastels.  It is 10 x 12 inch and $40 plus postage.  Or alternatively you can create your own in my workshop on the 5th March!! 

Little Houses and a topiary tree…..

Good morning everyone
In the last couple of days, Ive been working on these two watercolours and ink plus mixed media illustrations.  I just love little houses, so had fun decorating these ones!  Wouldn't it be nice to live in a colourful street like this one!  Prints of both available for $25 (A4 size) plus any postage.

This topiary tree actually has glitter on  the original and would look lovely in any room!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pretty tree….

Here is another family tree on canvas this time (without any names on it yet!).  It measures 50 x 60 cm and is priced at $175 if anyone is interested.  Ive used acrylic paints, paper, ink and glitter glue.  The flowers have been machine stitched then cut out.  I really enjoy working on this type of painting.  I was going to paint the background a colour or colours but for once decided against it!  What do you think?  I take paypal or direct deposit if anyone is interested. It would also look cute in a little girls room too.

Butterflies, flowers…..another canvas!

Good afternoon everyone…I finished this 24 x 20 inch mixed media the other day and was quite pleased with the results!  Ive titled it "Unity", to represent to people whether they are friends or family, coming together…Ive used acrylics, ink, paper, glitter glue, beads, fabrics and pastels.  For sale $265.00.  Or you can have something similar commissioned like someone has asked me to do the other day, but in colours they wanted, and even different hair colours.  Ive finished that one, but can't show you until the recipient has received it!  Please contact me if you are interested - I take paypal and also direct deposit.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flora Bowley and Tracey Verugo inspired artwork!!

Ive been wanting a bit more of an injection of colour in my rumpus room area, which is mainly at this point, browns, blacks and creams with splashes of red.  So I thought, bugger it, Im going to paint something a bit out there for the only spare wall space left in that room!!  I just love Flora Bowleys work as well as Tracey Verugo's and so I was inspired to create something with their styles into this painting.  Its a large one and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I like the outcome too!  I even did a smaller one (it was a smaller canvas I started and didn't like, so it had been shoved behind other random stuff in my studio!).  The smaller one is 14 x 16 inch so less than a quarter of the size of the bigger one, but at least it will tie in with the larger painting.  Just about to go and hang it up now!  Hope you like it :)

This one above is  14x 16 inches and was formally going to be something quite different!  I had already used impasto to create the flower in the middle, so I worked with that but covered up everything else I didn't like from the previous painting.