Monday, April 16, 2012

New Tutorial - Flowers , Wire,and Buttons Wall Art for Childrens Room

Well, I just completed another painting and thought I might share the process with you all.  There are several steps to it, covering the buttons, making the flowers and of course the painting bit!! I am having such a great time doing all these paintings

What you need: Fabric, button covers, wire, paint, canvas, tiger grip glue.
Making the flower 'petals' - wrap the wire around something that will give you the size of your petal, then twist it off.

For each flower, I made 6 petals and form then into a 'petal' shape.

Covered buttons and centres of your flowers- Choose your button size and fabric
and make as many as you require.

The Canvas- Paint your canvas.  I used Olive green and then
did a white wash over the top to give a 'weathered' look.

Paint on your 'grass'.

Paint on your sun on the top left corner.

Now put together your flowers!  I made two different sizes, and 3 flowers in total.

Had to use a fair bit of glue for the wire to stick to the button.

Place the rest of the buttons randomly over the canvas.

Now add the other painted flowers.

I also made a gorgeous dragonfly using matching fabric.

I painted gold around the 'painted' round flowers, and mde a coiled wire 'flower' to tie in with the other wired flowers.
Voila!!  Finished Painting!!  Hope you like it! 
I would love to hear your thought, so feel free to add any comments!!
You can purchase this at:

Bloomin' Mad Flowers
Anketell Street
Tuggeranong, ACT.

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