Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More new mixed media - flowers and more.....

Here is some more mixed media/inspirational words on wood which will be made into a print soon to buy on Etsy.  I also have been experimenting on tiny 4 x 4 inch canvas board with textured flowers as an idea for a much larger size canvas when I've got some more time! And lastly, Ive painted a 5 x 5 inch box canvas, of  a Flower Meadow from the Flower Meadow series, of which I will be offering to learn in a workshop coming soon.  Hope you all like them.  I have enjoyed painting them :)

New Stuff!!

Watercolours and Mixed Media!!  Hi everybody! I've been painting some smaller pieces of work on wood, watercolour paper and canvas paper - all A4 size and except for the ones done on wood - all frame able for that extra special touch!!  I am enjoying working with birdies at the moment and also the colours of watermelons, pinks, aqua and mint!  Here is some pics of these works! Hope you enjoy them :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birdies and Flowers Prints....

I love Birdies and I love Flowers (think thats probably why I was a florist for years!!).  These two 10 x 8 inch prints were painted with mixed media (ink, acrylics, texture paste, glitterglue and paper).  They are both $18 each plus delivery ($3.50 within Australia and $8.50 US and UK).
'Beauty' - Birdie Print

'Simplicity' - Birdie Print

Paying Pal Now Available!!!

Yay!! Have finally hooked up Paypal!  I can cross that off the 'to do' list for 2013!  Have sold my first two prints through this payment method within about 2 hours of hooking it up!!  Of course, I would like to have it attached to a shopping cart on my very own website, but thats another goal I will attempt to obtain this year. For now, I am stoked that people can have a simple and safe way of paying instead of  handing of credit card numbers or direct transfering etc.  Hopefully my first customer is as stoked with her purchases as I am!!!
Cheers everyone!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Series of three 8 x 10 inch Prints.....

I am so glad I was able to turn these 3 mixed media on wood acrylic paintings into prints as I had such a great time painting with them!  I did lots of experimenting with layering and stamping techniques, and am just loving the vibrant colours also!  Hope you all do too!

10 x 8 inch Prints
Original Painting on Wood using mixed media (acrylics, ink and paper)

Love this sooo true!  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Inspirational 10 x 8 inch Prints for Sale!!

Good afternoon everyone!  I have been busy rediscovering my old photoshop elements that a girlfriend gave me a few years back (3rd edition!) so it is pretty ancient by todays standards, but its all I know, so there you go!  But I have been designing some papers using some of my watercolours and other bits and pieces.  But because its been awhile since I used the program, its taking me longer than intended, and I am going a bit batty from it!!  But thought I would share a couple of new pieces I did in the last few days.  Both are mixed media and are available as 10 x 8 prints - $18 each.

Now this print above has an inspirational quote that  I try to live by everyday!  Some days are harder than others to follow it but for the most part I try to be positive, and if nothing else it keeps me in check of my thoughts!

Another She Art (Christy Thomlinson) inspired original mixed media piece of artwork that I never get sick of creating!!   She is available as a 10 x 8 inch Print $18.  I have small orange rhinestones that go on the flowers  after it is printed also!
If anyone has any suggestions for me to paint something in particular, or in a certain colour/combination, please feel free to leave your comments.  I love getting feedback (positive where possible please :)  )

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Flower Meadow Prints!!

Well I've been busy, busy painting and creating! I've finally finished off a couple of small paintings that Ive had half finished for a while plus a couple of others, that I've made into A4 prints for Sale!  The originals were painted with acrylics (some with ink) and glitterglue on watercolour paper. They are $18 each and you can purchase them by contacting me via email, Facebook or my blog!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEW A4 Prints available!!

Good morning all!
I have 3 more pieces of artwork that I have made into prints!! I have been having a great time with this first one that is part of the Flower Meadow range.  The colours are just stunning and would look fabulous in a white frame to offset the richness of them.  The original is painted with acrylics on canvas paper.  This print is Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper using Dura Brite Ink.  $18 plus delivery.

This A4 print below was originally painted with watercolours and ink on watercolour paper. It is vibrant and fun with an inspirational quote from one of my favourite daytime tv talks show stars.....Oprah Winfrey!  It's on Matte Heavyweight Epson Paper using DuraBrite Ink. $18 plus delivery.

This 8 x 10 inch print below is 'The  lady in the purple hat', and the original is mixed media using acrylics, texture paste, paper, ink, cardboard, wool ribbon and glitter.  She is $18 plus delivery.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A4 size prints - Flower Meadow paintings

A4 size prints are now available - done on Heavy weight Epson Matte paper using DuraBrite Ink.  Original paintings are painted with acrylics and ink on watercolour paper.  $18 each plus postage.
This is what they look like in a frame....

'Canola Fields'