Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Unicorns seemed to be the flavour of the month in my little world!!  Ive sold heaps of them from my watercolour print range and also my jewellery range.  I guess that is what inspired me to make something else in the same subject!!  I decided to make my own papers using acrylic paints, watercolours and inks.  Lots of cutting and pasting and a few metallic glitter papers in the mix as well.  I think I will also sell them as prints, but the scanned image doesn't do it the same justice as what the original one does!  You can't really see the 3d elements of the paper cut up or the metallic and glitter finishes on some of the papers as shown in the last picture.  Please email me juliemryder01@gmail.com for any enquiries and purchases!

Above:  Scanned copy

Above:  Original on paper

Above: side profile to show metallic finishes and also paper 3d.