Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I knew I loved you....

Good evening everyone,
This sweet 10 x 12 inch mixed media on canvas was finished and sold all in the one day!!  I have used acrylic paint and glitter (which doesn't show up well at all in the photo).  I think I may have to make some some more of these, maybe in more neutral tones.  
Whats some of your favourite quotes...would love to concentrate on some 'boy' themed art for nursery or little boys rooms.   Something to think about......

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cascading Garden Workshop!

Good evening everyone!!
Well tonight was the last part of the "Cascading Garden" workshop, and we all had a relaxing, fun evening finishing off all our masterpieces!!  The first workshop was all about painting the background using acrylic paint and making the 'dots' and flower 'stems'.  We were also able to make the paper 'flowers' and cut out the butterflies as well.  The second workshop was about making the fabric 'flowers' and putting everything in place (including the beads, butterflies and flowers) onto the canvas.  I think the ladies did a beautiful job!!  Well done!
If you and some friends would like to take part in this workshop, (groups of 4) please contact me on juliemryder01@gmail.com and we can have a chat and work out a date that suits you and your group!

Above:  This is the original painting of which the workshop is based on.

Below:  The ladies proudly showing their masterpieces!

Can't do without some sort of chocolate or lollies to help us get into the creative mood!! lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ice cream and flowers.....

Well, ice cream and flowers are just some of my favourite things about spring and summer!  However, a bit of wishful thinking as we are just coming to an end with summer and well on our way into Autumn!!  Either way, it was lovely to incorporate both of these things into a couple of watercolours and ink illustrations I finished up this week while on holidays.  Pretty pinks, mauves and blues and the use of my favourite ink pens.  I will have all these available in A4 and 10 x 8 inch prints and also greeting cards.  Keep your eyes peeled!!

I love adding inspirational quotes, and they can be interchangeable which is great!

I just love ice cream!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

You are my sunshine.....

Goooooodddd Morning!!! 

 The sun is shining beautifully here and its going to be another gorgeous sun filled day!!  I found this one in my ever growing stack of watercolours and ink illustrations, but somehow I had only half finished it!  So I got up early while everyone was happy having a sleep in, and had some quiet time and finished it off!  Its watercolours and ink on A4 watercolour paper and I will have prints and cards available soon.

Cheers and have a great day!

Julie :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New watercolours and ink illustration....

Welcome everyone....
I started this sweet illustration last night, and I was able to finish it off late this afternoon.  I have used watercolours and ink and there is an overall theme of spring (we are moving into Autumn here with the cool weather really kicking in - I think this is just wishful thinking or memories from warmer weather days!!).  I love to paint all things a bit girly, so it was a no brainer with the birds, flowers ladybugs, hearts and so on.  I will be printing this one out onto cards and of course prints for frames.  
Have a great evening!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

NEW Workshop!!

Good evening everyone!

I thought I would post some photo's of our latest goings on in my newest workshop "Cascading Garden" that I ran last night!  The four lovely ladies did a wonderful job in the first part of the new workshop.  The painting that we were doing was the same as the one below.  In Part 1, we were laying down all the paint using various techniques to achieve the desired effect below. We used paint brushes, squeezy bottles, dripping, and we did finger painting!!

In Part 2 of "Cascading Gardens" workshop, we will be making the beautiful paper and fabric flowers, so there will be cutting, sewing and gluing happening!  

Scroll down to see some of the action from last night!!  

Stay tuned if you want to see their final results!!  

If you would like to book your group of 4 people in, please contact me via my facebook 
page Made-By-Me..Julie Ryder or email me on juliemryder01@gmail.com  Details about this workshop are at the bottom of this post.

Who said finger painting wasnt fun!! lol

Ooh so pretty :)

Adding glitter....