Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good morning and I hope everyone had a lovely and safe Christmas (for these that travelled) and being close to the coming of the new year - a safe arrival into 2014!!  Ive been away spending time with the inlaws in Sydney, which was nice too.  But I thought I would show you what Ive been able to work on, here and there between all the gift giving and celebrations!  I was given some LYRA Aqua Brush duo set for Christmas which are just great to work with!!  Most of these will be made into prints when I have time to set up my new site when I am back to work properly (and not all the holiday etc).  I will have A4 and 8x10inch available with some A3 sizes.
The heart above I am thinking of adding some lovely fonts with wording to suit clients.  Whether it be for an even like a Christening/naming day etc or birth for example.  Or simply an inspiring message or quote.

The trees can be personalised to with names or date or an inspirational message or quote.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hearts and Flowers….

This Heart titled "Dream Believe Create" - A4 size watercolours and ink was created for the need to start doing more smaller types of art that can fit into a folder or a drawer and don't necessarily have to hang on the wall while its waiting to be sold!!  I enjoy 'doodling' with ink and watercolours, making girly type art thats pretty and feminine.  I think I will attempt a tree next time with lots of flowers, butterflies, little toadstools, bees and the like!  The original of this watercolour is $70.00 but I can do prints in A4 at $25.00.

Friday, December 13, 2013

'Crazy Pears' mixed media 2 part workshop!

Well here is the promised pictures taken from the last workshop - 'Crazy Pears'.  It was just the 3 of us, but it was lovely working in a small group.  The ladies learnt some new techniques as they recreated my original painting of 'Crazy Pears'.  If anyone is interested in doing any of my workshops, please contact me via my email

The finished results!!

Beautiful work ladies!!

Personalised Name and Word Art….Commissions….

Ive had a few commissions of late which has just been wonderful!  Some of these were for newborn babies and some for Christmas presents.  They are all done with water-colours and ink on A4 size watercolour paper and are $65.00 each unframed.  I will also be embarking on more inspirational word art as well once Christmas is done and dusted!  You will be able to purchase prints of them as well.  If you are interested I can post Australia wide and internationally.
I can do any theme you like…some I have done in the past are - space, animals, pirates, beach, woodland creatures, farm life, jungle animals, tea party.

I am offering prints of this one - $25.00 each

Below is a work in progress on A3 size paper.  "To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow"….very true :)

Necklaces made with Original mixed media paintings!

Welcome everyone.  Ive been meaning to write up a post of my latest little venture, but just have been so busy.  I have made these round and square 1 inch pendants which include a print of one of my mixed media paintings on a 24 inch chain in Antique gold.  The print is set under a glass cabochon that gives the picture a nice 3 diminutional feel.  The one below shows an example of what comes with the necklace - a mini canvas with a print of the same painting in the pendant.  This current stock I have made can be purchased at Bloomin' Mad Flowers in Anketell St Tuggeranong.  It is the beautiful Florist and Gift shop that also sells some of my paintings.  They are $40.00 each.

Here are a small selection of the square pendants.

This one above has now SOLD.

I personally like the round pendants.

From the pictures above and below, you can see the height of the glass cabochon.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Garden of Tranquility...

Well I was so excited to put this one up on my blog, I realised that the glue is still drying and you can still see it in the pic!  Never mind!  I just love, love these vibrant colours of red, pink, orange and yellows with splashes of metallic, shiny gold in there as well.  This one measures 14 x 18 inches and I have used a varied scope of different mediums including acrylic paint, ink, fabric, beads, glitter, pastels and even made use of the sewing machine!!  I just can't get enough of creating these girls.  They are such fun!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Butterfly Dreaming….

Good morning all.  
Firstly, a bit of trivia about me, for those that wonder 'why all the flowers, butterflies etc' in my paintings?  I was a florist for many years and just love all things flowers, colour and anything girly, pretty and feminine!!  I have a husband and two sons, so this is my 'girly' outlet!! lol

I love the colour combinations of the purples/blues/greens and couldn't resist on doing another one of these whimsical girl paintings using mixed media.  If you saw my previous post, I created one in other vibrant colours as well.  I have titled this one 'Butterfly Dreaming' as I think it was an apt name for it!  I have used a multitude of mixed mediums - pastels, ink, acrylic, fabrics, beads, paper and glitter glue.  Lucky for me it sold straightaway to someone locally where I live :)   Im currently working on another one, but in the colours red, pink, orange and yellow.   These 'girls' are a favourite of mine to make and there are many steps in the process of creating them, but maybe one day I will offer a workshop on her if there is any interest? 
 If anyone is reading this, I would love you to respond by telling me what colour combo you would like to see??  I am thinking of doing a mother/daughter or two sisters one in the future too.
Thoughts anyone???

Julie :)

From this angle you can see the metallic gold highlight and the glittery bits!

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Island Girl…Mixed media on canvas

Good evening all!
What a joy this one was to paint!!  And it has so much texture and stuff going on!  I think its among one of my favourites Ive done in a while.  To me she looks so peaceful and calm, which was something I was trying to create in this piece. My life at present feels very chaotic with so many personal issues going on, so this piece makes me feel very calm, even though it has bright colours, I feel at peace when I look at it!  It sold today (which is fantastic!!) but I will miss her :)

She measures 18 x 24 inches.

Mediums used were acrylic paint, paper, glitter glue, beads, fabric and ink.

Farewell my island girl….

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flower Meadow Commission Artworks...

Good evening everyone....
In the last couple of weeks, Ive had the opportunity to do a couple of larger pieces for two different people.  The really large piece (36 x 36 inch) is still making its way over to the UK and hopefully it will arrive any day now, safe and sound.  The other piece (24 x 36 inch) was for a lady who lives more locally.  Both are mixed media on canvas (acrylics, ink, glitter glue, fabric, beads, rhinestones and a touch of paper).
Above is the 24 x 36 inch mixed media on canvas.

This is a close up photo :)

Here you can see the side sparkly view and use of metallic paint with also glitter.

Above is the larger piece of artwork (36 x 36 inch)  travelling over to the UK.