Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More flutter....greens, blues, teals...

Flutter, flutter..... Beautiful greens, blues and teals with touches of gold!  Such beautiful butterflies, being set free!  There is a slightly rusted look to this 60 x 60cm painting, where I have used a base of newspapers, covering the canvas, but not completely covering all of it up with paint, to see the print underneath.  I also have used acrylic paints with the newspaper and also beads, paper and glitter glue.    It's priced at $185 and would look fabulous on any wall space!

Butterfly series...in purples, blues, teals...

Evening everyone!  Here is another butterfly painting that I have thoroughly enjoyed painting!  It is a mixed media on canvas using impasto, glitter glue, paper and beads.  It measures 76 x 38cm and priced at $185.  It looks stunning in the flesh, and a photograph really doesn't do it justice!

Close up view of the sparkly bits and the beads!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Golden flutter"....Butterfly painting!

Good Evening!!  
This piece of artwork I did today, and I think it's very pretty in colours of mauve, pinks, spearmint, teal, gold and touch of purple! Measures 60 x 60cm mixed media on canvas. Priced at $225.00.  I have used acrylic paint, paper, glitter glue and beads.  The butterflies have a lovely 3d effect with a glittery sparkle!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Large 91.5 x 91.5cm Meadow Painting...

Good Morning...Well this latest large Meadow Painting is 91.5 x 91.5cm and was actually really hard to take a proper photo that really showed up the painting as a whole.  The photo's really don't do it justice (I tried taking pictures in different lights - hence outdoor shots in shade and sun!!), that brought out the sparkly view as well.  This is one piece that really needs to be seen in the flesh to see its proper beauty!!  Priced at $750, but is a vibrant and beautiful piece of artwork that would liven up any space!

Partial Closeup view.

More Butterflies and Flowers....

This 8 x 8 inch Mixed media, is similier to the one I posted previously, but in different colours.  Its also made up of acrylics, glitter glue, texture paste, pastels, beads, paper and ink.  Priced also at $55.  These are really fun to make and would look lovely on a wall or as a stand alone on a shelf.

"Live your best life"....

Here is a picture of both canvas' that I have done in similier themes but with different kinds of sayings.

Butterflies and flowers....

 Good Morning,
This little 8 x 8 inch Mixed Media on canvas is made up of acrylics, paper, pastels , ink, beads, paper, texture paste and glitter glue.  Priced at $55.00, it would look lovely on a small wall space or stand alone on a shelf.  I love butterflies and was they symbolize in life!

"Midnight Flutter"...Butterfly Painting.

Good Morning everyone,
Well, this latest painting of mine (60 x 60cm), mixed media painting, was one that I started with great gutso, and great ambition, only to stop short when I ran out of inspiration!!  I initially had grand plans of it being a particular looking painting and when those plans didn't come out exactly as I invisioned, I was totally annoyed and so put it aside, half finished for ages!!  So initially it was what I called a 'dud'!!  But....I perservered after having an epiphany one night, and voila!!  Here is the finished piece!  I really love this one and feel quite proud of the finished painting!  Hope you all like it too!  It is made up of acrylic paints, paper, glitter glue and beads.  Priced at $225.00

Closeup view (sorry I think in this shot shows the glue still drying!!)

Side view of 3d effect of the beading and butterflies.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Plant Your Own Garden...mixed media on canvas.

This a slightly larger piece measuring 31 x 41cm, and vibrant in colours, pinks, watermelon, golden yellows, spearmint turquoise!  I have used paper, ink, acrylic paints and glitter glue. It's priced at $85.

Grateful Hearts..mixed media on canvas.

Good evening everyone....this 10 x 12 inch mixed media on canvas was a pleasure to create!  I used acrylic paint, newspaper, ink and paper.   Price is $70.  This the style I will be using and showing how to create in my up and coming " You Are Beautiful" workshop on the 24th April!  Very relaxing and therapeutic too! Hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"You are Beautiful" - Mixed Media Workshop for April!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!  Well I finally set a date for the first "You are Beautiful" workshop for the 24th April.  Im sure it will be the first of many for this new workshop, but get in quick if you want to do it on this date!!  This will be a really fun and exciting workshop, where you will be able to create your own mixed media girl, using your own colour combinations and wording based on my collections shown below.  Everything is included (stamps, paint, texture paste, papers, rhinestones, punches, stencils and much more!)
So get in quick for this date - or put your name down for any future workshops!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ink and watercolour hearts!

Evening everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing and safe Easter and holiday!  I was lucky to spend a few days on the sunny coast at Tuross Head near Moruya, NSW!  Whilst there relaxing, I took my watercolour paints and whipped up these two watercolour and ink on watercolour paper hearts!  They were very relaxing to do, whilst sipping on a cool white wine!  Hope you like them!  There will be prints to come!  Originals are both $75 each and prints will be $30 each.  Will let you know when prints of these and others of my artworks are available :)