Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutorial for Children's Wire and Fabric Wall Art....

Today I want to show you how I make one of my children's wire and fabric wall art.   It actually is a two part process -the first part is the making of the flowers with the wire and the fabric.

I used a pretty fine gold wire

The picture is a little hard to see as the wire is fairly fine - but make a hook and twist it a couple of times for it to stay , then make it into the shape of a petal.  Glue this to the right side of the fabric then let completely dry.

Now cut out petal leaving a couple of millimetres near the wire - you now have your first petal!  Make another 5 petals.

Next I use a 10 x 12 canvas, texture paste, fine tooth comb, glue and cheap paint spatula

 Spread the texture paste on the whole of the canvas
Then using the fine tooth comb, slide the comb over the canvas in one direction - the end result is to give a lined textured look....
 wipe off excess  paste back into texture pot.
You will now have a lined effect on your canvas 
blow dry if desired - do not paint or do anything unless texture paste is completely dried. 
 Now time to paint your canvas - I use an olive green
I then paint a layer of white paint to give a kind of washed effect.
 Next glue on your flower petals....
 I didnt take a picture of the centre swirly wire centres, but You could also use buttons, or beads.  I used really thick gold wire to match the fine gold wire.
 I then painted with the olive green paint the stems for the flowers

and then added a bit of depth by adding a darker green paint
 next is the other 'flowers' - I used a round sponge brush and made some random flowers

then using gold paint I circled all the flowers I made with the round sponge brush

Almost there, just need some finishing touches....
A lovely dragonfly - cut out coordinating fabric into wings and a bit more matching paint.....
 and .....voila - finished!!

Hope you like my finshed product!!!

You can buy this at 'Bloomin' Mad Flowers" - Tuggeranong ACT 61622906


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