Thursday, March 5, 2015

New!! Cascading Garden Workshop....

Good Afternoon all....

I know we are into March already, and I must apologise for not offering new workshops earlier!!  Ive just had a crazy start to the year with so much going on!!  But nevertheless I have got a new workshop happening if you are interested at all!  It will be a two part workshop, simply because we will not be able to complete it in my usual 3 hour workshop.  There is a lot involved, with mainly painting in the first workshop and cutting paper/fabric, sewing and gluing in the second workshop.  It will be a lot of fun though!  So if you can get an instant group of four, please contact me via email at and we can book a date for your groups workshop!  Both workshops will run for 3 hours at $90.00 each (total $180).

Below is a demo canvas I did for the workshop so I could programme exactly what, how, when etc details of how the workshop was going to run!  You will be able to see this one in my studio.


  1. Hi Julie, I recently find out about your artwork on pinterest and I simply find it all awesome. Specially your blooming flowers and your butterflies in your cascading garden. I would love to learn how to do these items in order to add them in some of my creations but I simply can't attend one of your workshop for a distance problem since I'm living in Canada. Do you think there would be anyway for me to learn how to do these? Thank you in advance for your help, and again, your work is really awesome!

  2. Hi Annie - thank you for your lovely comments about my artworks! I am hoping one day to do an online workshop, but am currently just so busy that it might not be for a while yet. You can look up on Pinterest how to make the flowers as I have seen them on there. As for the butterflies, I have bought the downloads from different Etsy stores and printed them and embellished them myself. Gool luck with your artwork. xx


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