Thursday, March 19, 2015

NEW!! 'Birds nest'....

Good evening all,
This latest mixed media piece I created was quite a few stages in the making!!  I had many layers of acrylic paint, lots of playing with the paint, using an old out of date credit card on one layer (lots of fun!), stencils on another layer, then I painted with a brush the leaves and flowers then all the flowers made of paper and fabric and strips of paper for the nest on the last layer!  Phew!  There was quite a few hours in this one even though its not really a very large piece.  It measures 16 x 20 inch and is on canvas.  Im contemplating making a much larger piece doing some similar but adding a couple of birds and more fabric and paper flowers.  I just really love working with all the bright colours and using all the different mediums to get the 3 dimensional effect.  The black makes the colours pop I think also.  I don't often use a lot of black in my artwork, but I love it with lots of colour!

 I used acrylic paint, pastels, paper, beads and fabric.  I hand made the fabric flowers and the paper flowers myself.  I also made some of my own papers from handprinted watercolour paper using acrylic paint and then I cut them out in to flower shapes.

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