Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tiny and Mini Canvas.....

So with Christmas coming up, we have Christmas parties right??  And we also sometimes have to do the Secret Santa thing also right?  So, I thought, why not make something instead of trying to buy something this year.  It would be original and Im sure people would appreciate it more.  So I trotted off to the shops and bought some mini and tiny canvas' that come with matching little easels.  They are so cute!!  Not too intrusive if you don't wont large artworks, but something sweet to sit on a shelf.
Tiny Canvas:  These little cuties measure 8x6cm and they have my flower meadows on them.  Aren't they sweet!!
Above and Below: Mini canvas - These sweet ones are 11 x 11cm!

They have glitter and metallic paint on them to give sparkle and sheen!!

Below is a short little video of me making them....not very exciting but thought you might like a look!  Sorry about the end bit with my hubby yelling out! Just ignore that! LOL


  1. These are beautiful! What is the brush/tool you're using to dot on the paint?

  2. Thank you Janet! The tool is actually like a paint brush but without a brush on the end. The end is made of rubber. It came in a packet with a few other different shaped rubber tipped like that one. I think they are used for sculpting or something with clay or pottery?? I can't remember. I bought it in a dollar store. Not sure if this information is of any help! lol

  3. Thanks, Julie...I think I know what they are. I just love your paintings.


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