Monday, December 22, 2014

Now on Tsu.....

Hi everyone
Due to Facebook not showing our posts unless you pay to promote your business, a LOT of us have gone over to other networking sites.  Many have now joined Tsu....Its fab and very much like what Facebook used to be like but with a few differences.  You can earn money from liking, sharing, commenting etc (although it is minimal - but hey, people have been able to earn some dollars) and it has a really positive and supportive feel to it.  So please feel free to come on over, (I will still be on Facebook - click HERE)  but am finding that Tsu is getting SOOOO much traffic, as EVERYONE sees your posts, so my Facebook page feels like its dying a slow death.  Please feel free to join up using my link -   I would REALLY appreciate it.

Hope you like my latest watercolour/ink/paper  mixed media on paper 'Lilac Tree'....will be offering A4 size prints of it in 2015 :)

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