Sunday, October 19, 2014

New work!

Hi everyone....I have been hit with a burst of creativeness and I wanted to show you the work in progress on both of my canvas paintings.  Ive tried to loosen up a little bit with my work to create a more ethereal, whimsical feel to my flower meadow landscapes.  Not sure if I have achieved that so much, but I enjoyed the process immensely which is the aim of my art for me anyway.  I am going to try and work on larger canvas' from now on.  These two works in progress are both 24 x 36 inch and I think I will go bigger again for my next two pieces.  Im hoping to sell some of my smaller works next week end in the Queanbeyan Arts Trail which I am participating in on Sunday 26th October.  Feel free to come by my studio - Im open from 10 - 4pm that day.  Or of course you can jump on the bus ($25 fee) or do the self- guided tour that goes around Canberra/Queanbeyan.  I think there are 3 of us in Jerrabomberra this time!  Well stay tuned for updates on these two - Ive done more since Ive taken these photo's but lighting is poor, so you will have to wait till they are finished!
Above:  Getting the paint on the canvas!

Above:  Pretty pretty flowers!

Above:  New colour for more pink in sight!  More neutrals this time.....Inspired by the Canola fields we passed in the car the other weekend.  They were gorgeous!!

Above:  Throwing some more paint on!

Above:  Going dotty!!

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