Thursday, April 2, 2015

NEW Workshop!!

Good evening everyone!

I thought I would post some photo's of our latest goings on in my newest workshop "Cascading Garden" that I ran last night!  The four lovely ladies did a wonderful job in the first part of the new workshop.  The painting that we were doing was the same as the one below.  In Part 1, we were laying down all the paint using various techniques to achieve the desired effect below. We used paint brushes, squeezy bottles, dripping, and we did finger painting!!

In Part 2 of "Cascading Gardens" workshop, we will be making the beautiful paper and fabric flowers, so there will be cutting, sewing and gluing happening!  

Scroll down to see some of the action from last night!!  

Stay tuned if you want to see their final results!!  

If you would like to book your group of 4 people in, please contact me via my facebook 
page Made-By-Me..Julie Ryder or email me on  Details about this workshop are at the bottom of this post.

Who said finger painting wasnt fun!! lol

Ooh so pretty :)

Adding glitter....


  1. I think this is absolutely beautiful! I live in the States. Do you happen to have a tutorial you sell on how to make this painting?

    1. Hi April- thank you for your lovely comments! Unfortunately no I don't have any online tutorials as of yet, but one day :)


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