Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cascading Garden Workshop!

Good evening everyone!!
Well tonight was the last part of the "Cascading Garden" workshop, and we all had a relaxing, fun evening finishing off all our masterpieces!!  The first workshop was all about painting the background using acrylic paint and making the 'dots' and flower 'stems'.  We were also able to make the paper 'flowers' and cut out the butterflies as well.  The second workshop was about making the fabric 'flowers' and putting everything in place (including the beads, butterflies and flowers) onto the canvas.  I think the ladies did a beautiful job!!  Well done!
If you and some friends would like to take part in this workshop, (groups of 4) please contact me on and we can have a chat and work out a date that suits you and your group!

Above:  This is the original painting of which the workshop is based on.

Below:  The ladies proudly showing their masterpieces!

Can't do without some sort of chocolate or lollies to help us get into the creative mood!! lol

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  1. If only I lived in your neck of the woods!
    Do you do online classes?


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