Friday, July 8, 2016

Black Cats...Prints

Watercolour fun with blacks, greys and blue....colours I don't usually work with!  But, I have been experimenting and I think I am in love with these ones!!!  What do you all think?  I was inspired with the 'sparkles' and 'stars' from looking at the night sky and noticing how beautiful it is on a clear winters night!  Im seriously going to add this effect with some other watercolours Im thinking of doing in other colours.  I do still really love the 'rainbow ones' Ive done previously, but getting addicted to these as well!  You can purchase some of my prints HERE, and hopefully I will have these gorgeous black cat ones up in my store soon!  You can also order them from my Facebook page HERE.  Just go to my PHOTO'S  on my page, and all of my prints are in the PRINTS - UNFRAMED album (more than there is available in my Etsy store).  All you have to do is message me which ones you would like!

 Im planning on having sets for sale (whether they are in two's/three's or sets of 4 different ones).  Its a little difficult to get much painting done while on school holidays, but will fit in when I can.  Actually, I think I might add some splatter to the two little cat faces...another little add on I usually paint onto my watercolour silhouettes.  Happy days! Cheers!

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