Monday, June 27, 2016

Flowers and swirls.. Permission of Use!

To use this artwork in paint nights or workshops, please contact me on for permission.   Cost to use this artwork is a fee of $50.00 and you will also receive a download of a black and white copy of the design in jpeg form. Also, I also request you credit my work as the artist and give details and information of where to access my artwork by use of the following links. 

Legal action will be taken if this artwork is used in anyway to copy/trace/reproduce in anyway without permission.

Please respect my wishes and do not ask to have them for free....I am trying to make a living also, and I have worked extremely hard to create what I have.  Thank you.


  1. Really wish I could purchase prints of some of your artwork.

  2. Hi, You can always email me on and we can discuss which ones you like. :)


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