Sunday, April 17, 2016

Altered Playing Cards....

The other day I was browsing through Pinterest (Looove Pinterest) looking to be inspired, and I came across the idea for creating some mixed media art using a deck of playing cards.  Now, we have heaps of old playing cards, as my youngest had a thing for them at one time, so I new there would be some laying around.  Anyway...I thought I would start altering my own deck.  So easy, quick and fun too!  I think I might make these my Affirmation Cards...I can keep them as a deck to look through or even use them in my journal books etc.

Above:  An old deck we got when we went to the States and stayed at San Fransisco.  These ones have some lovely  memories!

Above: First get some gesso and paint a few of them.....This is the worst part as they take ages to dry!  So make sure you do a few at a time!

Above: I had recently made my own stickers using parts of some of my abstract paintings!  Cool hey! (The are the semi circle bits on them).  I love an inspiring quote or affirmation too! I really just slapped some paint on and maybe stencilled something on too.  Something quick and easy. 

 Above: More paint, stamps, stickers I made (these were ones I just made from digital papers) and a butterfly.  Love my butterflies!
Above:  Again, I cut my handmade stickers in half, some paint, stamp, butterfly and a word.


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