Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mixed media tutorial of Butterflies and Blooms.

Good evening everyone

I have finally put one of my workshops into a basic step by step, photo's and text

tutorial!!  Its nothing fancy (I still working my way around how to work the program!)

but learn something new every time!  I will be attempting another one but in a fast forward

motion type video when I get a bit of time!  Enjoy the tutorial :)


  1. I just saw this on You Tube and it's inspired me to have a go and brought me to your blog...what a find!

  2. Why thank you for your kind comments Carole!! I actually don't keep this up to date as such (Im a bit naughty like that!!). I have a facebook page if you're on there its Julie Ryder - Mixed Media Artist. All latest stuff is on there :)


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