Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Art Journalling....

Art Journalling....
I found this old book (amongst a few others) last year whilst out looking for stuff to add to my mixed media artworks at a recycling place near where I live.  I originally wanted old book pages themselves, to use and cut up for my canvas paintings, but after reading a few posts etc on Pinterest and the like, I decided I wanted to start using some of those hard cover books and make them into art journals!  Im not big into 'writing' a lot like you would in a diary, but more of a self expression of art, where I can express myself artistically or put down new ideas for artwork etc.  I have not fully finished each page, more like put a 'base' down so that I can add other things to it later.  Whether it be some writing, doodling, tags etc, the important bit is to just get something 'down' on the page and let the ideas flow!  Well I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and it is very therapeutic and very addictive!!  I can use up my gelli plate printed pages, my washi tape that I have hand made myself, plus a HUGE array of papers I have collected over the years!  I am just loving it, and it is so personal and something to keep and  I can hand down to my kids as a part of me when Im long gone!!
Above:  The only thing I wished I did first was to 'cover' the book in some cool fabric!  Never mind, I will think of something to do with the yucky brown cover!  I first 'thinned' out the book (but kept the pages to use in other projects), otherwise the book would be too bulky.  Next I stuck together with glue, about 2 or 3 pages and gessoed them ready to play!!

Below are the results!


  1. I love your brightly colored pages! Old books are my favorite thing to use for art journals...and I also keep the extra pages to use under my paintings.

    1. Thanks Janet! Im not normally a journal/diary keeper, but I just LOVE doing this!! It just allows me to be creative for the sake of being creative!! I originally bought the books to rip out the pages for my mixed media paintings....now its opened up a whole new world for me! :)


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