Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flora Bowley and Tracey Verugo inspired artwork!!

Ive been wanting a bit more of an injection of colour in my rumpus room area, which is mainly at this point, browns, blacks and creams with splashes of red.  So I thought, bugger it, Im going to paint something a bit out there for the only spare wall space left in that room!!  I just love Flora Bowleys work as well as Tracey Verugo's and so I was inspired to create something with their styles into this painting.  Its a large one and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I like the outcome too!  I even did a smaller one (it was a smaller canvas I started and didn't like, so it had been shoved behind other random stuff in my studio!).  The smaller one is 14 x 16 inch so less than a quarter of the size of the bigger one, but at least it will tie in with the larger painting.  Just about to go and hang it up now!  Hope you like it :)

This one above is  14x 16 inches and was formally going to be something quite different!  I had already used impasto to create the flower in the middle, so I worked with that but covered up everything else I didn't like from the previous painting.

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