Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tea Time - A4 size watercolours, ink and paper....

Good morning all!  
As  a little girl, I just loved the Enid Blytons 'Folk of the Faraway Tree' book series, and this is what has inspired my painting.  I could sit and read and re-read those books for hours!  All the magic, mystery and the fairy folk!  Im going to have a go at doing some woodland folk as well, and try for a series of paintings with them.  Ive listing this one in my Etsy store.  You can buy it here.  Delivery is free in Australia, and I deliver internationally also.

$35.00 plus any delivery charges.
I have used Lyra Watercolour crayons, ink and paper.  The little toadstools are raised and made with the spotty paper for a little 3d effect!

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