Monday, January 14, 2013

New Inspirational 10 x 8 inch Prints for Sale!!

Good afternoon everyone!  I have been busy rediscovering my old photoshop elements that a girlfriend gave me a few years back (3rd edition!) so it is pretty ancient by todays standards, but its all I know, so there you go!  But I have been designing some papers using some of my watercolours and other bits and pieces.  But because its been awhile since I used the program, its taking me longer than intended, and I am going a bit batty from it!!  But thought I would share a couple of new pieces I did in the last few days.  Both are mixed media and are available as 10 x 8 prints - $18 each.

Now this print above has an inspirational quote that  I try to live by everyday!  Some days are harder than others to follow it but for the most part I try to be positive, and if nothing else it keeps me in check of my thoughts!

Another She Art (Christy Thomlinson) inspired original mixed media piece of artwork that I never get sick of creating!!   She is available as a 10 x 8 inch Print $18.  I have small orange rhinestones that go on the flowers  after it is printed also!
If anyone has any suggestions for me to paint something in particular, or in a certain colour/combination, please feel free to leave your comments.  I love getting feedback (positive where possible please :)  )

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