Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEW A4 Prints available!!

Good morning all!
I have 3 more pieces of artwork that I have made into prints!! I have been having a great time with this first one that is part of the Flower Meadow range.  The colours are just stunning and would look fabulous in a white frame to offset the richness of them.  The original is painted with acrylics on canvas paper.  This print is Epson Heavyweight Matte Paper using Dura Brite Ink.  $18 plus delivery.

This A4 print below was originally painted with watercolours and ink on watercolour paper. It is vibrant and fun with an inspirational quote from one of my favourite daytime tv talks show stars.....Oprah Winfrey!  It's on Matte Heavyweight Epson Paper using DuraBrite Ink. $18 plus delivery.

This 8 x 10 inch print below is 'The  lady in the purple hat', and the original is mixed media using acrylics, texture paste, paper, ink, cardboard, wool ribbon and glitter.  She is $18 plus delivery.


  1. Hello! I have just spent about 30 minutes browsing through your blog... Lovely lovely work! I am about to attend a crafty night with some friends this evening and I am planning on attempting a canvas art creation so I thought I would do some poking around the internet to see what I could learn and this is how I stumbled onto your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your work.. I have found it to be very inspiring!
    All the best!
    Lisa :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! It's really nice to get lovely comments like yours about my work! It took me years to get the confidence to truly try and sell my work due to the worry about people being too critical about my art. Well, now, not only do I sell it locally in a couple of shops but its here on a blog and Facebook for the world to see!! And it's been an amazing result!! Good luck in your crafting adventures!! :) Julie


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