Monday, June 11, 2012

On my easel...a work in progress!

Good afternoon all in blogland!  I've been working on this piece and I'm waiting for it to dry but still want to add a few interesting touches after...I think!  Not really sure if its finished or not?  Hmmm....sometimes its good to sleep on the idea anyway. 
This canvas has mixed media qualitites.  I overlayed an old canvas that I didn't like much with newspaper.  Then painted it.  I also inked it in some areas, as well as putting on the chiffon style flowers with beads as well.  I love the butterfly that I made out of paper and in the right light, you can see a subtle bit of sparkle as well on some areas of the canvas.

The glue is still drying where I have stuck on the beads.

I really like the textured look the newspaper gives the canvas underneath.

Would really love to hear your comments.  Have a great day!

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