Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Tutorial..Mixed Media on Canvas...Part One

Well I am a little excited to bring to you my first ever, video tutorial!!  Its been a lot of trial and error and I still have a lot to learn about it all, but the main thing is that you will able to see how I put one of my pieces of artwork together.  I would love to know how to put it together the using fast forward technique, but I edited it as much as I could so that it wouldnt be too long. I actually put it into two parts to break it up a little.  If nothing else, just enjoy the music on it!!  I had a great time making this canvas.  I am loving butterflies at the moment, especially as they seem to represent so much to different people.

"Life is like a butterfly,
You can chase it,
Or let it come to you".
    `Ruth Brown`

Here is the link to Part One of my tutorial:

I've used gold and pink glitter to give it a bit of extra spa

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