Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Texture, texture, texture!!

 Good morning everyone!  Here is a colourful, abstract piece that I had started some time ago, and finally, finally completed!!  I just love the colour in this one and I had such fun with the process of making it!  Ive just acrylic paint as well as metallic gold paint and lots of stencils....some of which were in the layers of this one.  It measures 75 x 60 x 1.5cm and would certainly brighten up any wall in your home or office!!  If you are interested in purchasing, please message me for further information :)

Below you can see more clearly the metallic gold of the dandelions...
Below is a photo depicting the texture of the painting as well as the metallic gold...


  1. Dear Julie,
    I really love your designs and I would like to try and paint this piece in the acrylic class I'm taking part in. I am an absolute beginner and I will simply try to copy your work. I hope you don't mind and see this as a compliment. I'm sure mine will not turn out nearly as great as yours. I've looked at your piece trying to find out what stencils you used etc. So far I think I've found them, but what I don't know is how or what the lines are. Are they a brick stencil? Thank you so much for your help and if you don't want to share this information I totally understand. I thought I tried anyway. Thanks again, Fenja (fenjaatwebdotde)

  2. Hi Fenja - Thank you and Im so glad you feel inspired by my work to want to reproduce something the same. Yes copying is a form of flattery, but not so much if you copy the designs and sell them as your own. So I am more than happy for you to have a go at recreating an art piece like this one, as long as you don't then start copying my works to sell them. That would be copyright infringement. The lines in the background of this design are just 'drips' of paint! What I do is just put paint on the background, not thinking where I should put it, but layering on the paint, wait for it to dry, then put more random layers. Sometimes I might use stencils, but often dripping the paint, and turning the canvas around and around while it is dripping wet, and therefore getting these 'drip' like effects. Its really lots of fun!! The two stencils on there of the butterflies (I bought at Spotlight - Australia) and dandelions from a Michaels store while I was in America last year! Have lots of fun creating! Cheers Julie :)

  3. Dear Julie, thank you so much for your help. Of course I will not try to sell that, I absolutely respect yours and everybodys intellectual property. I'm exited for my next class to get started! Thank you for your inspiration.


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