Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Mixed media pieces....

Good evening everyone!
Well I've been pretty busy with commission work lately, but managed to paint some of these pieces in between.  They all still have a meadow theme, but this time I put them in a night time theme with a moon and sillouette shape ie. animal.  I really enjoyed making all these pieces, and have heaps of ideas for some others.  These are all 12 x 16 inch except for the square one which is a deep canvas 
12 x 12 inch.   They start at $85 so if you are interested, you can email me for other details on


  1. I love your work I wish I could learn how you do this. That deer picture is beautiful among others.

  2. Hi,these are very beautiful,you are really talented at what you do!Is there a price list to look over or just ask & go from there ? I'd love a price on the Deer Painting,Tyvvm😀


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