Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mail Art!!

Hi Everyone!!
I have been having the best time just playing around making papers using stencils and paint and stamping!!  Ive come across this crazy and very addictive new creativeness - mail art!!  Yes, the snail mail variety!!  Also Ive been dabbling in making my own washi tape (which before this I didnt really 'get').  Now Ive been making beautiful, eye-catching envelopes, I can see how washi tape can be used in such a creative way!  And I just LOVE making it!!  I am hoping to maybe make this into a class - as it is very quite relaxing and enjoyable and my favourite thing - no rules!  You can do whatever you like on your handmade papers!  Hope you enjoy what I have done so far!  
Now I just need to write some some letters.........

Above:  Some of my mail art I whipped up the other day! 

Above:  Bought some new stamps and I just love using them to make patterned paper!

Above:  Love, LOVE making my own washi tape with double sided tape, paints and stamps!

Above:  I am a watermelon lover (and not just the fruit itself to eat!)  I love it in patterns too!

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