Friday, February 20, 2015

New! Falling For You.......

Good afternoon everyone...
Well I think this one is finally finished!  After much debating....Im not adding anything else to it!!  Sometimes you have to know when to stop.  Sorry about the dull/darkish is an overcast day here at the moment, but I will take better photo's of it tomorrow I think!
This one had quite a bit of work done on it...from cutting and sewing and to of course painting.  There were many stages to it, and at one point, it was just going to be acrylics with nothing else, but then my brain started going and I couldn't help but embellish it!  The colours aren't true to form in this photo (its more lilac, mauve than pink colours) but you get the idea.
I was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest early last year of a beautiful ceiling that was covered in flowers that were hanging down - it was just gorgeous!  From that photo, I painted something in acrylics and sold it, but it always niggled in my mind to go a step further with it!!

Below is what I was originally inspired to paint....I found this on Pinterest from this blog  (Sorry I couldn't get a direct link to the photo).
Anyway, I just thought it was so beautiful, and having a background in floristry, I have always loved flowers!

Below:  This is what I originally created....using the concept from the above photo of the flowers hanging instead of my usual way of a flower meadow....So the most current one ('Falling For You') is based on what I did on the one below on the right ....I changed the concept a bit and I added the embellisments of the fabric and paper flowers....


  1. Totally fabulous! Love the concept and the execution!!

    1. Thank you Karen!! I really enjoyed making it too! Was quite a bit of work in the flower thats for sure!

  2. embellisments of the fabric .. is cool idea with paper flower .. nice work


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