Thursday, May 8, 2014

Roaring red sunset flower meadow!!

Good morning all.  Well I finally have finished this vibrant red number!!  It measure 91.5cm x 46cm (36 x 18 inches) mixed media on canvas.   It would look stunning in my house actually, but no, Im not keeping this one, due to the fact I am running out of walls!!  Anyway, it has colours of reds, burgandy, chocolate browns, cream, various golds, oranges, bronze and olive greens.  I love the metallic paints I have used, as it gives them a nice touch as does the glitter glue.  It must truly be seen in person to really see its vibrancy and glimmer :)

On the side profile, you can see the lovely gloss and glitter of the metallic paints and glitter.

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