Sunday, March 16, 2014

Carmelita….mixed media on canvas

 Good afternoon everyone on this very windy day!  I have finally gotten around to post these pics of one of my latest paintings.  Ive titled her Carmelita, and she is made up of Acrylics, pastels, glitter, wood, paper, beads, texture paste and fabric!! The painting measures 24 x 36 inch and is priced at $350 plus any postage and insurance.  I love making these 'girls' and they are a real process - from the start of their 'faces' to the colouring of the whole piece, to the dress, flowers butterflies and background.  If you would like your own 'girl' please feel free to email me :)

These pictures really don't capture how the birdcages sparkle in the light.

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