Sunday, August 4, 2013

This one is titled "Dream, Believe, Create"....75 x 60cm  Priced at $235. I have used Acrylic paints, glitter and ink.  This one has lots of layers, and I love painting this style as it is so free and easy going!  I literally paint, stamp, splurge, swipe paint on the canvas.  Let it dry, then do the same again with a variety of colours then work out what shapes (like the flowers) I want on the canvas, then block them and outline them, then fill in the rest!  The picture doesn't really show up the shimmer and sparkly parts from the glitter glue (which I love for its beautiful effects!).  The concept is  quite simple and I remember doing something along these lines at school!  You can purchase this one from my Etsy store here.

In this photo you can see how it shimmers and shines in the right lighting!

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