Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finniabair inspired Mixed Media on Canvas....

Hi everyone,
Well after watching some really cool youtube videos I came across this fabulous and unique artist called   Finnabair (Anna Dobrowska).   From her video, I decided to have a go myself, using all sorts of junk, odds and ends (stuff out of my two young boys drawers, that they tend to collect like bottle tops, screws etc).  I also went to a trash and treasure market and picked up some bits and pieces like brass letters and numbers and went to my husbands workshop where he is a cabinetmaker, and he kindly directed me to his scrap drawer.  I was able to pick up door knobs, heaps of screws and the like.  I also scavenged in my stash, stuff like thick twine, silk flowers, a domino, buttons and old beads.   It was awesome and relaxing fun!  I will have to post before and during pics for my next one I do I think, because I really went to town sticking stuff down, but not thinking it would turn out like this!  The picture is of a beautiful beach at Tuross Head at the South Coast taken about 8 or 9 years ago!  I remember it was at Easter time and was quite a chilly day.  I just blew it up a bit larger and mod podged it to protect it while I did everything else.

The canvas measures 16 x 12 inch.

I just love the antique look and feel it gives to the whole painting.

Can you see the door knobs and the domino!  Those round, squashed looking bottle tops are just that!  By boys decided one day to spend hours with a hammer flattening bottle tops!  So I have heaps of those!

I love this photo!  I think I will do one each for my two boys using stuff in their junk drawers that reflect stuff they like to collect!!!  I just told them, and they are so excited and have started collecting more stuff for me!

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