Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Midnight Flutter"...Butterfly Painting.

Good Morning everyone,
Well, this latest painting of mine (60 x 60cm), mixed media painting, was one that I started with great gutso, and great ambition, only to stop short when I ran out of inspiration!!  I initially had grand plans of it being a particular looking painting and when those plans didn't come out exactly as I invisioned, I was totally annoyed and so put it aside, half finished for ages!!  So initially it was what I called a 'dud'!!  But....I perservered after having an epiphany one night, and voila!!  Here is the finished piece!  I really love this one and feel quite proud of the finished painting!  Hope you all like it too!  It is made up of acrylic paints, paper, glitter glue and beads.  Priced at $225.00

Closeup view (sorry I think in this shot shows the glue still drying!!)

Side view of 3d effect of the beading and butterflies.


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