Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tutorial - wine bottles......

Good afternoon - thought it was about time for another tutorial of one of my new "Colours" range....
Step one: paint your selected size canvas in whatever colour acrylic paints you like.  Leave aside to dry.


Step Two: paint on two or three canvas papers different colours and patterns then leave to dry thoroughly.


  1. Love your tutorials. Can I ask what type of paint you use? It looks dimensional, like a 3D effect or is it just fluid acrylic?
    Gorgeous colors and I love your flower paintings too.

    1. Hi Rose, I just you plain old acrylics, nothing fancy! It's the way they are applied though! The trick is to use a small squeeze bottle with a small opening - takes ages to dry but gives a great effect!

    2. Thanks Julie,
      That's a great idea with the squeeze bottles.
      Wish I lived closer and could come to one of your classes!


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