Monday, July 2, 2012

Whats in my sketchbook....experimenting with watercolours!

At the moment I've been experimenting with watercolour paints/watercolour pencils and ink, and its reminds a little of when I was growing up and I had those colouring in books that you painted water on them.  

 I have been trying to think more freely rather than with too much structure, to open my mind up and to help let the creativity flow. Its not actually watercolour paper Im using but an old empty blank page book I found with heaps and heaps of pages in it.
 I love working with the colours and experimenting with the watercolour pencils and shading, creating deeper colours.
I also used a thicker ink pen, which Im not sure I prefer or not.
This one is actually  not finished.  I have yet to add the ink patterns and possibly more pencil work. 
This is my first ever effort with the pencils/ink.  I didnt know what I was going to do at first so I just did some doodling of circles.  This was done while I was watching t.v.
 This one on the left is the before I added water picture! I still need to add more paint and ink as well.

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