Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi all in blogland... The other day we did some swappsing of furniture around the rooms of our house, and so therefore it freed up some wall space for some more of my canvas'.  Plus I needed to inject some colour through the room as well. (we went from a red lounge to black lounges, so it was a bit drab otherwise!).  I decided to do two paintings on either side of the large window in the room.  Both of which have the same type of design of flowers, but different sizes in canvas'.  A triptych in one, and a single in another.  Hope you like them!

 I put up this photo, because the background is truer in colour, than the one above.  The photo though is a little dull and too light.
I had fun using lots of texture paint in the flowers!

The Triptych....

Lots of texture on the flowers.  Its funny, but I used the exact same colours in the single canvas, but depending on light etc, it looks as if I used completely different colours.

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